Dr. Whalen has created new food products from a wide range of formulations from conception to final product evaluation and nutrition labeling. He also trouble-shoots established processes to correct them or improve the product quality. This includes unit operation evaluation and recommendations on equipment. Dr. Whalen conducts complete process reviews and evaluations including sensory evaluation – appearance, flavor, texture. He will specify ingredients for new or established products. Dr. Whalen is able to assist in reverse engineering of a product. He can run a complete, ground up R&D project for the client. He can establish independent processing systems for research, design production processes with engineers and start-up procedures and run parameters. Dr. Whalen can optimized sensory aspects of products, correlate product qualities of sensory to ingredients and processes and individual unit operations. He will also recommend, identify and interpret analytical results and physical testing.

  • Create new products,
  • Troubleshoot processes and products,
  • Conduct complete Process Review / Evaluation,
  • Specify Ingredients,
  • Match Labels by Reverse Engineering.


  • Run complete, ground-up R&D projects for clients,
  • Establish Independent processing systems for research,
  • Design production processes with engineers, start-up processes and establish run parameters.
  • Optimize Sensory aspects of products. Correlate product qualities / sensory to ingredients, process and unit operation.
  • Recommend, identify, and, interpret Analytical Results, incl. Physical Testing.