Area of Work

Dr. Whalen has a broad general knowledge of Food Science. He has expertise in all areas of cereal processing from grain as an ingredient to sensory attributes and evaluation. He works with all grains – oats, corn, rice, wheat and has extensive expertise with breakfast cereals and the systems of production. He has sourced and assembled complete systems for RTE cereals and evaluated established systems unit operation.

He has taught work shops on cereal processing and food functionality to large corporations. He is an expert on cereal components from starch to complex formulations and grain combinations and their behavior in a process. He is able to evaluate products from both a formulation standpoint as well as analytical. He has been an invited speaker in areas of cereals and cereal products. He has performed process work on grain quality and functionality, pre-treatment (conditioning), cook processes (atmospheric, pressure cook, extrusion cook), cold forming and pellets, tempering, drying, flaking, puffing by direct expansion, gun puffing and oven puffing, toasting, coating, sugar coating and formulas.

Other areas of work include beverages, sweeteners, protein, and fiber.

  • Expertise in all aspects of cereal processing
  • Formulation — cereals, beverages, ingredients
  • Cereal Chemistry – Expert in grain/ starch chemistry, functionality, application
  • Speaker, author – Professional meetings, invited speaker
  • Industry wide workshops on food functionality
  • Published author — refereed journals, trade journals, book Chapters, Patents
  • Process Evaluation for Grain-based systems – complete unit op evaluation.
  • Beverages – invented/ produced unique grain-based sweetener and beverage products.
  • Sweeteners and Proteins