Dr. Paul J. Whalen

Dr. Paul J. Whalen holds a doctorate in the field of Food Science & Technology with expertise in cereal product processing and formulations.  Dr. Whalen has over 30 years of experience in grain-based food product, ingredients, and, formulating including product and process improvement, new product development and trouble shooting production systems from ingredient evaluation to product quality and sensory attributes.  He has worked with large Fortune 500 companies to smaller companies ($20 M/yr) at home in the U.S. as well as internationally.  Dr. Whalen is responsible for the ‘degree of cook’ methodology adopted by the cereal industry and widely applied throughout the industry in ingredients as well as process evaluation.  He is an author in the RVA Handbook.  In addition, Dr. Whalen authored the Breakfast Cereal chapter in the Handbook of Cereal Science & Technology and contributed to ‘Breakfast Cereals and How they are made’.  He has numerous publications in refereed journals, trade journals as well as numerous patents in the field.  He has invented novel products such as a sweetener from oats.

  • Doctorate in Food Science & Technology from the Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • B.S. and M.S. in Microbiology — Enzymes & Fermentation
  • Over 30 years in the grain science and food processing area
  • Expertise on grain-based food products, ingredients, and formulating
  • Work Area – Formulating and New products, New ingredients and applications
  • Developed a breakthrough method for measuring ‘degree of cook’ now adopted industry-wide
  • Authored three chapters in the cereal science area and over 25 other publications in cereals biotechnology, processing, fermentation, nutrition, and health
  • Numerous patents in cereal processes